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With a deep love for creating natural portraits from candid and emotive images of people, juxtaposed with the textures, patterns, and colours found in nature, Melanie Lunden produces photographs that are described as unique, gorgeous, and refreshingly real. Her passion for photographing 'real' people in their natural environments, surrounded by or doing the things that tell their personal story, has allowed Melanie to showcase her talent with true rawness, and feeling. The beauty and ruggedness of Tasmania's natural landscapes and alluring textures, colours and shapes in the smaller details, have provided perfect backdrops when needed.  


A tender look between a mother and her newborn baby, the loving glances of a newly married couple, the thoughtful expression on the face of an innocent child or the raw and rugged expression of a hard working farmer, are just some of the moments Melanie is able to capture.  When she does feel the need to suggest poses, as at times a little coaxing is needed, Melanie has an excellent ability to keep her subjects relaxed, allowing for the decisive moment to present itself and thereby capturing emotions that are genuine and engaging. Melanie’s passion and love for photography cannot be mistaken when you view the warmly intimate and truly unforgettable photos she captures. 


Having two decades’ experience in photography, Melanie, who is based in the Huon Valley, Tasmania, has both expertise and devotion to her work. With a four-year B.Ed-Visual Arts degree and a major in photography from the University of Melbourne, Melanie is qualified and well equipped for any photographic assignment. Melanie is available for Weddings, Families, Individual Portraits, Musicians, Commercial and Landscape Photography.

Melanie lives in the Huon Valley, Tasmania with her husband, two children (aged 18 and 15), a very sleepy king charles cavelier named Arlo, two cats named Woodrow and Maybelle and 6 chickens.

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 "My husband and I both love photos and photography, and the power photos have to capture precious memories. So when we went looking for a photographer we had high expectations. We thought the examples on Melanie's website were beautiful, and really fit with our style. We have been highly impressed with our experience with Melanie. She provided lots of advice before the photos, the photoshoot was a fun and relaxed afternoon, and the photos came out absolutely beautifully. They captured our family, both in posed and spontaneous ways, balancing the beauty of nature with a focus on the individuals. Thank you Melanie for such gorgeous pictures!" - Melissa, Hobart.

"Melanie Lunden exceeded my expectations both in photography and character and they were high to begin with. Her ability to capture a luminescent quality and vibrant character in her perfected colour palette photography was phenomenal. I couldn't be happier with the results. She turned me into art that forgave me of my flaws and enhanced my virtues. She was professional and talented yet also generously kind, joyous and relaxing to be around. I admire her work greatly and it is such a privilege to have had the chance to work with her. Whenever I need a photographs, she will be my first choice as a photographer. I recommend her highly. She has an endearing and beautiful presence and is a highly skilled and artistic photographer who made me feel like a natural against all odds. Perhaps everyone can be a muse to the truly artistic and she is that." - Jade Ulani, Hobart. 

"We approached Melanie Lunden after scouring the internet to find a photographer for our wedding who took wonderful portrait photos and not just action shots. Melanie was flexible and approachable to work with, especially as we are based out-of-state, changed our minds a fair bit (e.g. location of photography) and had specific requirements - we did a first look and group shots with our entire wedding guest list! The resulting photos look amazing and were ready with surprising speed – most of our friends/family have had to wait months for photos but thanks to Melanie’s hard work we had access to an online gallery within weeks of our wedding! One thing that stood out for us was Melanie’s patience and compassion - particularly trying to get a good shot with my grandmother who has advanced dementia. Overall we found the experience of working with Melanie on our wedding day to be calming as she made us feel at ease on an anxious day and we might be biased, but we think we have the most beautiful photography we can admire for years. We could not recommend Melanie enough for anyone who is looking for a professional photographer.” Claire and Luke, Hobart.

I am so grateful for the beautiful photography by Melanie Lunden Photography.  I was so impressed by her professionalism and the immediate raport she was able to develop with my children who are often shy.  The finished photographs were presented with the greatest attention to detail and are of exceptional quality.  The photos that I chose for my home have attracted much admiration from friends and family.  Thank you so much Melanie.  Kate- Geeveston, Tasmania.

I am so thrilled with the photographs Melanie took of a friend modelling glass jewellery pendants I made for my own business. Melanie's demeanour was warm and professional, consulting with me to ensure she knew what kind of images I was hoping for.  She gently guided positioning in photographs whilst allowing naturalness and ease to prevail.  Her garden setting where the photos were taken provided countless opportunities for lovely backdrops and textures.  Thank you Melanie, you captured exactly what I was hoping for and more!  Ania- Cygnet, Tasmania.

When I wanted to surprise my husband by having photographs taken of our children I didn't know what a special gift I had chosen.  Mel managed to capture the essence of these two beautiful kids. Not an easy feat given how different they are.  Mel was instantly like part of the family. She takes amazing photographs, has a beautiful personality and a knack for toddler wrangling! What more could you ask.  The kids are still talking about how much fun they had. Thanks Mel!  Alex, Cradoc

Thankyou Melanie for the beautiful photos.  You captured natural moments which let my kids personalities really shine out.  These photos will help our family remember just how beautiful, cheeky and amazing their little lives are.  Georgie, Cygnet Tasmania

I was so impressed after my first experience having photos of my family taken by Melanie that we've had two more photo shoots since.  She is always proffessional and her photos are gorgeous and unique.  I am not generally someone who feels at ease in front of a camera, but Melanie created a relaxed and fun environment and put us all at ease.  It's always lots of fun!-  Katie, Cygnet, Tasmania.

Melanie took great care listening to what I needed represented in photographs for my business and did a fantastic job achieving this in two very different photo shoots now.  I would certainly recommend Melanie to anyone who requires a photographer.  She is not just a beautiful, kind and caring lady but highly skilled and creative with her camera.  Thankyou Mel!  - Bridget, Cygnet.

I Just wanted to say thanks for another lovely photo shoot! You did such a great job with the girls.  Our youngest daughter was telling her grandparents all about 'going to the beach with Mellie" :) - Melissa, Hobart

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