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Children and Families

I love working with families to create images which reflect who their individual and family personalities are. Every family is unique, and your family portraits should reflect this. I like to begin by exploring your favourite things: places, colours, hobbies, music, and what you all enjoy doing together as a family. All of this information gathering helps me to help you, so that I can capture the most authentic stories of your unique family within each photograph. My aim is to create a narrative which is told through each individual series of photos. This narrative incorporates different themes; fairytale themes are always fun for children! 

 I like to incorporate the beauty of the natural landscape within my images where possible; however, if nature is not your thing, that is fine too! 

Living in Tassie has been a dream come true for me, especially for its gorgeous natural surroundings.

DSC_0913 (2)
Miss Jasmine
Gertrude the princess
Joe and Rattie
Gertie and Axle
Mother and daughter love
The dying swan- Swan lake
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