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Frequently asked questions

What should I wear?  Simple plain coloured clothing without logos work best, as these distract the attention away from your awesome faces.  Also, when being photographed in a group it is good to coordinate by picking a colour scheme such as everyone wearing white shirts and navy jeans or skirts.  Try to avoid some people wearing white and others in black as the contrast between the two can also be a distraction.  Also, bold stripes and checks can also be quite distracting in portraits, so its often best to avoid these, unless of course that is the look you are going for!

Most of all though, it is important that you wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that make you feel attractive.  After all, you may have a photo on your wall for a very long time and you dont want to cringe every time you see yourself in a particular item of clothing that doesn't suit you.  The same goes for your hair. Make sure you are happy!

For childrens portraits (and even for adults) It is a great idea to bring a couple of changes of clothes for variety, and to replace if your child trips over in the mud or gets covered in sand etc.

Where do I have my photos taken?  This is something that is worked out together with everything in mind, such as easy access, weather, tides, light etc.  We will try to find places that will complement your beautiful portraits and then I can do the busy work to find the best time of day for that location.  Some people like the beach or rocky sandstone for its colours and textures, others prefer gardens or forests.  We can have a chat about all of this and decide prior to the day.

Do you travel for photoshoots?  Yes, I am happy to travel any where within Tasmania, and beyond for a photo shoot.  Locations beyond a one hour radius will incur a travel fee.

How much do you charge for photo shoots? This depends on the type of photo shoot and whether I need to travel beyond one hour to get to you. If you would like to know more about my packages and portraits or to find out about pricing please contact me.


How long does a portrait session last? Portrait sessions usually last for about 90 mins, however, they sometimes last longer depending on whether we feel we have got enough great images.


Can I get high resolution copies of my photos if I want?  Yes, this is deffinately something I offer. 

Can I just get digital copies of my photos without buying prints?  I offer digital files in my pricing, however the best value is in my middle package, where you get several prints plus the digital files.

What time of day is best for taking portrait photos? Generally photogaphers love taking portrait photos either in the morning or late afternoon because that is when the light is at its most flattering.  Studio or other indoor light can also be used, if you are more interested in indoor photos or we can do a mixture of the two.  I often do a combination of inside and outside shots to make the most of our time together.

Do you also take indoor studio photos?  Yes, I am fully equipped to take indoor and studio photos, however, I dont yet own a studio of my own (it's in the pipeline). I am fully portable and can find appropiate locations or settings just about anywhere. I just bring all the gear along for the ride.  

Should we/I bring anything?  It's a great idea to be fully prepared with props which convey who you and/or your kids are.  Suggestions could include a musical instrument, a tennis racquet, a football and footy jumper, a vintage dress and umbrella to name just a few.  If we are going for a fantasy or narative style series then I will discuss with you the types of props that could really help your images to tell a story.  

Are you able to remove imperfections from my images?  Yes, of course! I usually don't just automatically go and photoshop out skin imperfections such as scars or birth marks unless you ask me to.  Many people see these things as being a part of who they are and don't want them removed.  If however, you ask me to, I will be happy to remove them.  If there are distracting elements in the background of your image that are obviously not supposed to be there, I will remove them.  These could include someones body half in the frame, a fly that has landed on your nose, a car driving past.  

After the portrait session

Can I request changes to my images after they have been made, such as cropping, black and white or removal of unwanted aspects?  Yes, small changes such as cropping, black and white to colour or visa versa and removing the odd unwanted element can be made free of charge.  Large changes, such as photoshoping someones body into the scene, who wasn't present at the time of the shoot, may require an extra charge.

How long should I expect to wait for my photographs to arive?  Between 5 - 10 days is fairly average, depending on how busy I am or how much editing is required on your images. 

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