Anyone who knows me, knows that I love music.  In fact, when I'm not being a Photographer, I am often playing music, or listening to it at the very least!  I play the mandolin and sing in a duo with my husband playing folk, country, bluegrass and old timey material.  My husband and I also play in another band performing childrens music, Americana style with a folk twist.  I have been very lucky to have been involved in many musical events, folk festvals and interacting with some pretty awesome musicians over the years.  It has become quite a passion of mine to combine my love of music with photography, in essence, capturing musicians in their musical element - doing what they love.  I am available for promo photos, Album covers, festivals, gigs or just because!

Irish Mythen- Cygnet Folk Festival 2019
The Morrisons- Cygnet Folk Festival 2019
The Morrisons- Cygnet Folk Festival
The Davidson Brothers
Mitch and Ruth
Buskers Cygnet Folk Festival
Ross Smithard
Montz Matsumoto
Scary Family Band
Fred and Rachel
Ross Smithard
Woody's Family Band
Scary Family Band
Tiffany Eckhart
Andy Rigby- Harp player
Cygnet Folk Festival