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Individuals and Creative

My favourite thing to do is to photograph people in amoungst the natural surroundings we are so lucky to have in Tassie. I become quite obsessed with looking for perfect locations which have beautiful or interesting textures, colours, shapes or lines. These places may be sandstone rock ledges at the beach, autumn foliage, old wooden sheds, or long grassy fields.  There are just so many possibilites, which look different each time you see them.  


I also love to photograph people in the places they love, enjoying their favourite hobby or being surrounded by the things that represent them. This is where I find character portraits are the most authentic and how a personal photo story is made.  

Jade Ulani
Red Lila
Boer War Commemoration Hobart, 2014
Boer War re-enactment
Snow princess
Princess Gertrude
Looking at you
Cygnet on a plate chefs
Pat and banjo
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